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SM 201: Why Bother Preserving Leather/SM History?

Presented by Joseph Bean
(Executive Director, The Leather Archives & Museum)

It is important to every community to discover and preserve its history because, without an understanding of where we come from we lack three very important things: First, there is the pride and self-respect that comes from being “descended of” noble and important people and institutions... and we are. Second, there is the cohesion and that comes from sharing that sense of common history and the related sense of common purpose... and we are building that now. Third, there is the danger of constantly re-inventing what was well-invented before instead of moving onward and upward, this is especially true in terms of leather/SM dealings with the outside world. If we don’t know what battles we have won, newcomers will fight them all over again and our enemies will not bother to point out this has become a battling with ghosts... they will, in fact, be glad to see us wrestling to no avail. This is avoidable only if we know our history or, at least, have access to it.

So, we will talk about the history and its importance and we will talk about what each of us can do to preserve leather/SM history and what each of us can take from that history to improve our own lives. Questions may range far beyond this described “course” in any direction.

Joseph W. Bean is the author of Leathersex: A Guide for the Curious Outsider and the Serious Player and Leathersex Q & A, as well as the compiling editor of Horse Men, and a contributor to Different Loving, The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices, Leatherfolk, SM Classics, and other books. His work as writer, editor, and illustrator has appeared in dozens of gay and SM publications and he has edited more than a dozen book by other leather authors. He is currently the Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum, located in Chicago and serving the world.

Coffee, tea, & juices will be served during the breaks.


An Introduction to SM

SM 201

Scene Dynamics (Getting the Most From Your Kink).
Beat Me! Whip Me! (Whipping), with Taurus.
Mummy Dearest (Mummification), with Michael Horowitz.
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships, from the bottom’s point of view.), with Viola Johnson.
Bound & Determined (Rope Bondage, with Midori).
Spank Me! Whip Me! (Percussion Play), with Lolita and Taurus. Our 10th. anniversary seminar! Not in 2002-2003 season
Get the Point (Piercing), with Bear Thunderfire. Not in 2002-2003 season
Rôle Play, with Michelle from New York. Not in 2002-2003 season
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships.), with Jack McGeorge
Bound & Determined (Restraints & Bondage). Not in 2002-2003 season
Restraining Order (Bondage Without Rope) Not in 2002-2003 season
A Twisted Toy Story (Pervertibles) Not in 2002-2003 season
Earning Your Stripes (Whipping) Not in 2002-2003 season
Some Like It HOT! (Temperature Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Theatre of the Mind (Psychology of SM) Not in 2002-2003 season
SadoErotic Ecstasy (BDSM and Spirituality) Not in 2002-2003 season
The Joys of Abrasion (Skin Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Better Homes & Dungeons (Playroom Construction) Not in 2002-2003 season
Hitting, Punching, & Bruising (Body Blows) Not in 2002-2003 season
Tied Up With No Place To Go (Rope Bondage) Not in 2002-2003 season


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