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SM 201: Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships (the bottom’s point of view)

Presented by Viola Johnson of Philadelphia.

Viola Johnson

Last year we looked at BDSM relationships from a top’s point of view. This year, we’re going to see what the bottoms and slaves have to say about them.

Join us for a discussion that will explore dominance, submission, and service and how to make them work for you. This discussion will address a variety of topics including: defining your objectives, inventorying your abilities, identifying what a potential partner might want and tips on avoiding common pitfalls in D/s relationships. This workshop is equally applicable to both men and women, dominants and submissives.

Viola Johnson is a beloved figure in the leather community. A forty-something year old leatherwoman and vampire, she has been out of the closet and active for over two decades as an activist, writer, and educator. She lives in the northeast as a member of a triad and is devoted to her family. She is slave and wife of Jill Carter, 1996 International Ms. Leather, 2000 Pantheon of Leather’s Woman of the Year, and husband to Queen Cougar. Her mates are also remarkable women celebrated in the community. Her extended leather family is enormous. She has been dubbed “mother” by a whole generation of leather men and women.

Vi describes herself as a “...lifestyle slave. I have spent twenty years as the property of a few very special women. I have loved them, laughed with them, learned from them, and served them. My slavery is a total commitment based on love.”

Her lifetime of service has been recognized by numerous certificates of appreciation and awards including Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award 1995, National Leather Association Lifetime Achievement Award 1995, Oklahoma’s Honorary Leather Mother, and Pantheon of Leather Couple of the Year 1998 (with spouses Jill Carter and Queen Cougar. She has been the only person to win both NLA and Pantheon’s lifetime achievement awards in one year. She is the originator of the “Unsung Hero” Award that is presented by the family around the country. Articles about Viola have appeared in many periodicals such as Drummer, The Leather Journal, 2002, Passion, Black Leather In Color, and The Link.

She has been a workshop presenter since 1989 at events, clubs and organizations around the country including Thunder on the Mountain, Dressing For Pleasure, Black Rose, Vicious Valentine, Master and Slaves Together, and Living In Leather. Vi has conducted classes on a mélange of S/M, leather, and fetish related topics from the use of the bullwhip to lifestyle relationship issues. Reaching out to those outside the scene she has shared her knowledge at more conventional venues including Newark State College, Orange Coast College, Bard College, Bryn Mawr College, Barnard College, and Oklahoma State University.


An Introduction to SM

SM 201

Scene Dynamics (Getting the Most From Your Kink).
Beat Me! Whip Me! (Whipping), with Taurus.
Mummy Dearest (Mummification), with Michael Horowitz.
Bound & Determined (Rope Bondage, with Midori).
Spank Me! Whip Me! (Percussion Play), with Lolita and Taurus. Our 10th. anniversary seminar! Not in 2002-2003 season
Get the Point (Piercing), with Bear Thunderfire. Not in 2002-2003 season
Rôle Play, with Michelle from New York. Not in 2002-2003 season
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships.), with Jack McGeorge
Bound & Determined (Restraints & Bondage). Not in 2002-2003 season
Restraining Order (Bondage Without Rope) Not in 2002-2003 season
A Twisted Toy Story (Pervertibles) Not in 2002-2003 season
Earning Your Stripes (Whipping) Not in 2002-2003 season
Some Like It HOT! (Temperature Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Theatre of the Mind (Psychology of SM) Not in 2002-2003 season
Why Preserve Our Leather/SM History? (The Leather Archives & Museum) Not in 2002-2003 season
SadoErotic Ecstasy (BDSM and Spirituality) Not in 2002-2003 season
The Joys of Abrasion (Skin Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Better Homes & Dungeons (Playroom Construction) Not in 2002-2003 season
Hitting, Punching, & Bruising (Body Blows) Not in 2002-2003 season
Tied Up With No Place To Go (Rope Bondage) Not in 2002-2003 season


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