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44 Charles Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The location is just south of Bay and Bloor and is wheelchair accessible. It is accessible by TTC subway using either of the Yonge/Bloor or Bay stations. Click (here or here for map)

Here are the detailed directions: From either the Bay or Yonge/Bloor subway stations, follow the underground signs to the Holt Renfrew Centre and store entrance, and then the signs to the Manulife Centre (it’s between the two stations and south a little under Bloor Street). Follow the tunnel right then left, go up the first set of Manulife escalators, past William Ashley’s china shop, go around to the far right of the second set of escalators, and then into the apartment lobby through the middle door that is just past the elevators. (It’s simpler than it sounds.)

If you’re coming by car, there is ample parking underneath the building. The entrance is on Charles Street. Use the South elevators and come up to the first floor. Turn right immediately you come out of the elevators and use the middle door into the apartment lobby. (If you come up the North elevators by mistake, go past William Ashley’s china shop, go around to the far right of the second set of escalators, and then into the apartment lobby through the middle door that is just past the elevators.)

Please tell the Security desk in the lobby that you are there for the ACT seminar on the 31st. floor. You must request access from Security. They will direct you to the appropriate elevators. Please do not try to go up to the 31st. floor without first seeing the security desk. You will be called back.


An Introduction to SM

SM 201

Scene Dynamics (Getting the Most From Your Kink).
Beat Me! Whip Me! (Whipping), with Taurus.
Mummy Dearest (Mummification), with Michael Horowitz.
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships, from the bottom’s point of view.), with Viola Johnson.
Bound & Determined (Rope Bondage, with Midori).
Spank Me! Whip Me! (Percussion Play), with Lolita and Taurus. Our 10th. anniversary seminar! Not in 2002-2003 season
Get the Point (Piercing), with Bear Thunderfire. Not in 2002-2003 season
Rôle Play, with Michelle from New York. Not in 2002-2003 season
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships.), with Jack McGeorge
Bound & Determined (Restraints & Bondage). Not in 2002-2003 season
Restraining Order (Bondage Without Rope) Not in 2002-2003 season
A Twisted Toy Story (Pervertibles) Not in 2002-2003 season
Earning Your Stripes (Whipping) Not in 2002-2003 season
Some Like It HOT! (Temperature Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Theatre of the Mind (Psychology of SM) Not in 2002-2003 season
Why Preserve Our Leather/SM History? (The Leather Archives & Museum) Not in 2002-2003 season
SadoErotic Ecstasy (BDSM and Spirituality) Not in 2002-2003 season
The Joys of Abrasion (Skin Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Better Homes & Dungeons (Playroom Construction) Not in 2002-2003 season
Hitting, Punching, & Bruising (Body Blows) Not in 2002-2003 season
Tied Up With No Place To Go (Rope Bondage) Not in 2002-2003 season


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