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Safer SM
Education Project
(A Part of the Talking Sex Project)

AIDS Committee of Toronto

We’re not giving seminars at the moment, you can still find kinky education in town. So You Want To Be Kinky and Toronto Leather Pride both put on occasional seminars. They’re a great way to meet other kinky folk (straight, gay, and all flavours in between) while you learn how to have your fun safely.

We may have decided to take an extended sabbatical, but our pamplet has had an exciting new revision.

Safer SM Booklet Front Cover The latest revision of our very popular Safer SM booklet is in full colour and has a lot more information than the previous edition. Free copies can be picked up or ordered by mail at The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) at 4th. floor, 399 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2J6. (Click here for map.) They are also available on all the ACT boards in Toronto.

The text and a pdf of this booklet (current version) is now available available at the ACT Safer SM Education project page (pdf is at the bottom of the page).

Aussi disponible en français (pdf à la fin de la page).

If you want the booklet sent outside of Canada, please include an International Reply Coupon (IRC) instead of a stamp (an IRC is available at all post offices around the world, and will cost you about the price of a stamp for an international letter). On the other hand, if you'd like to make a tax receiptable donation (Canadians only) to the SM education project, say $10-20, we would willingly arrange something.... :-) For this, please write to .

If you'd like to distribute the booklet in your bar, organization, or other establishments, please contact 416 340 8484, extension 247 for bulk prices.

100% of the money you give us for these booklets goes straight back into the next printing.

Financial support for the printing of the booklet came from community donations within Metropolitan Toronto. We'd like to thank these major supporters: WholeSM Publishing, The Barracks, The National Leather Association-Toronto, Northbound Leather, Spearhead Toronto, Dan Bowers, Trevor Jacques, Dr. Dale McCarthy, Rachael Melzack, Dennis O'Connor, Sniffer, David Stein, and the many generous donations made at the ACT SM seminars.

Special thanks to Carlos Rivas, Duncan McLachlan, James Murray, John Maxwell, and Mike Willan at ACT for their help.

About The
SM Seminars

The Safer SM Education project came about from a chance meeting of friends in a local Toronto leather bar. The four friends (collectively known as the FourSM), recognised the need in Toronto for information about safe practices for SM. At the time there were scant few resources or publications available to people who wanted to learn how to be safe. The FourSM put together the draft outline of their introduction to SM and presented it to The AIDS Committee of Toronto. The rest is history....

To date, some 3,000 people have attended the seminars, both at the 101 level and, for the more advanced, the 201 seminars.

The seminars require the talents of many more volunteers than the initial FourSM. These are people who aim to encourage and educate people in safe and lawful practices of SM. The seminars are pan-sexual in nature, and the volunteers are male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, and various combinations and permutations of the above ;-)

The seminars are a chance for you to have your questions about SM answered. They are also a chance for you to meet new people and to explore SM activities in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

For seminar locations and wheelchair accessibility, please see the calendar page. The seminars are held from 12:00 to 18:00 to allow you to have an early brunch and be out in time to get to dinner. Please arrive between 11:30 and 12:00, since the afternoon is packed with information and we need to start on time.

Since space is limited, please reserve your seat in advance with the Safer Sex Education Project. There is no dress code for the seminars. Anyone interested in learning about SM is welcome.

Coffee, tea, & juices are provided during breaks in the seminar.

The 201 level seminars usually include workshops for both Tops and Bottoms to discuss and improve their technique.


An Introduction to SM

SM 201

Scene Dynamics (Getting the Most From Your Kink).
Beat Me! Whip Me! (Whipping), with Taurus.
Mummy Dearest (Mummification), with Michael Horowitz.
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships, from the bottom’s point of view.), with Viola Johnson.
Bound & Determined (Rope Bondage, with Midori).
Spank Me! Whip Me! (Percussion Play), with Lolita and Taurus. Our 10th. anniversary seminar! Not in 2002-2003 season
Get the Point (Piercing), with Bear Thunderfire. Not in 2002-2003 season
Rôle Play, with Michelle from New York. Not in 2002-2003 season
D/s (Dominance, Submission, and Service in BDSM Relationships.), with Jack McGeorge
Bound & Determined (Restraints & Bondage). Not in 2002-2003 season
Restraining Order (Bondage Without Rope) Not in 2002-2003 season
A Twisted Toy Story (Pervertibles) Not in 2002-2003 season
Earning Your Stripes (Whipping) Not in 2002-2003 season
Some Like It HOT! (Temperature Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Theatre of the Mind (Psychology of SM) Not in 2002-2003 season
Why Preserve Our Leather/SM History? (The Leather Archives & Museum) Not in 2002-2003 season
SadoErotic Ecstasy (BDSM and Spirituality) Not in 2002-2003 season
The Joys of Abrasion (Skin Play) Not in 2002-2003 season
Better Homes & Dungeons (Playroom Construction) Not in 2002-2003 season
Hitting, Punching, & Bruising (Body Blows) Not in 2002-2003 season
Tied Up With No Place To Go (Rope Bondage) Not in 2002-2003 season


Calendar of Seminars (updated 11th. October, 2004)
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